CLaSSES is a database that is specifically designed to elicit information for a systematic analysis of spelling variation in Latin inscriptions. It is intended as a resource for linguistic studies that aim to investigate the possible correlations between the range of spelling variations in Latin epigraphic sources and the complexity of the sociolinguistic context.
The corpus contains more than 500 Latin inscriptions dating from 350 BC to ca. 70 AD, mainly from Rome and Central Italy. In order to carry out quantitative and qualitative analyses, all epigraphic texts are richly annotated with a whole set of both linguistic information and extra-linguistic data.
Queries can be run with specific reference to single phenomena of variation, but this resource also allows users to cross-query and export different data, including typology of texts, their origin and chronological collocation.

This Database was developed at the University of Pisa within the research project Linguistic representations of identity. Sociolinguistic models and historical linguistics (National Coordinator: Piera Molinelli, PRIN2010, prot. 2010HXPFF2_001; see for further information).

Principal Investigator: Giovanna Marotta
Collaborators: Irene De Felice, Margherita Donati, Francesco Rovai, Lucia Tamponi.